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What to expect

To see how things work you can take part in our obligation-free trial on your first visit to the club - pay only the weekly fee.  You can then decide if the club is for you and choose if to become a member.


On your first week, come to our desk and meet our team. One of our volunteer instructors will then take you through an overview of the club and rules.


You will then join the line for "vetting". Vetting simply means handling by one of our trainers to get your dog used to being checked by someone unfamiliar, such as at the vet (please note, we are not medically trained). Our trainer will check your dog's eyes, ears, rear, teeth and feet.​​​

All new handlers and dogs will join the beginners class for lessons on how to do basic commands and hand signals - heel, sit, drop, heel around (turning) then progressively onto stay, "look at me", stand and leave it.  If you are unsure of anything don't hesitate to ask one of our instructors along the way.

Beginner classes will even be given homework to practice during the week.


Once you and your dog's level has been assessed, you may progress through the grades. 


We have 4 levels of classes - Beginners, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.

What to bring
  • Your dog on a correctly fitted collar and leash. A small selection of leads and collars are available to trial and purchase through the club

  • Your dog's current up to date Vaccination Certificate

  • Plenty of treats, especially for the beginners, or a favourite toy if your dog isn't food motivated

  • Poop bags

  • A positive attitude and a willingness for you and your dog to learn.


For OH&S and insurance reasons:

  • Car harnesses or "corrective" collars such as choke chains should not be used during classes

  • Closed in shoes are to be worn during training

  • Children should be 12 years old or older to handle a dog during the classes

  • During your time at the park your dog should be on lead - this is for the safety of your dog, the other dogs and their owners

  • Practice social distancing by remaining a lead length away from others at all times


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