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Membership Fees

St George Dog Training Club is a not-for-profit community association, run by a committee of dedicated volunteers who do not receive payment for their time and knowledge. We do our best to keep our membership fees as low as possible, and hope you find the training you receive, and happiness your dog gets in return, is value for money. All fees and charges go towards ground fees, insurance, equipment and general costs of running the Club.


Your first week is an obligation free trial, pay only the weekly fee. Following that, if you think we are the right place for you and your dog to train, the Yearly membership fee and weekly fees are then payable.

Membership Fees:
Yearly membership fee: $40
Membership renewal date of 1 July each year
Yearly membership fee is per family and is valid for twelve months.
Plus Weekly fee: $4 for one dog, $6 for two​dogs

If you are enrolling multiple dogs, please have one person per dog attend the sessions. Alternatively, you may switch dogs part way through the session or bring them on alternating weeks.

All prices subject to change.

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