25th October 2021

Dear Members

We hope you are all well, keeping safe and your pets are enjoying the extra company they have been having during lockdown.

With the lifting of COVID restrictions, the Club has submitted its COVID safety plan to Council and we will recommence training on Sunday 7 November 2021. To ensure the safety of our Club members and committee the following rules will be in place and must be strictly adhered to:



As we are still in a changing COVID environment, all members MUST:

1. Respect the health and safety of themselves, the committee and other members.

2. Ensure that you maintain appropriate social distancing or wear a mask.

3. Follow any instructions issued by a Trainer or Committee member regarding social distancing in the interest of COVID safety and/or general safety.

4. Be double vaccinated and provide evidence of your vaccination each Sunday when attending classes. Unfortunately, if you cannot provide evidence of your vaccination, you WILL NOT be able to participate in a class (unless you provide evidence of a medical exemption).

5. Scan the provided QR code prior to making payment for the day’s class.

6. Always have a mask with you. If social distancing cannot be achieved, during close interactions or during vetting of your dog, you MUST wear a mask. NB: Masks are not mandated during training.

We ask that if you are NOT able to comply with the above safety rules, please do not attend classes until you are able to comply.




1. Our financial year commenced 01 July 2021, thus ALL memberships have expired, and new memberships are NOW DUE.

2. Memberships for 2021 will be discounted to $20 for the full year (plus your weekly attendance fee), as Bayside Council has kindly given the Club some relief on ground fees during COVID.

3. Members who have already paid full membership for the 2021 financial year will be issued with a partial refund.

4. Please note that 2021 membership will only be accepted if you confirm that you will comply with the COVID safety rules outlined above.


The Committee thanks you in advance for your cooperation and understanding and we look forward to seeing you and your dogs once again.

Annual Membership fees due 1st July each year
Annual Mock Trial 2019

Held in September 2019

1st Class

  • 1st – Arnau & Lou

  • 2nd – Helen & Emma

  • 3rd – Narelle & Storm

2nd  Class

  • 1st – Sean & Shadow

  • 2nd – Scott & Duke

3rd Class

  • 1st – Wendy & Jebby

  • 2nd – John & Soda


Overall winner:

  • Wendy & Jebby